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    Quote on confession ecard: Did you know that 4
out of 3 people
struggle with math? I'm not saying I hate her.

I am only saying that I hope
she gets fingered by Wolverine. Quote on confession ecard: Every woman on Earth
gave birth to a child. 
Except my mother, she
gave birth to a legend. My psychiatrist told
me I was crazy and I
said I want a second
opinion. He said
okay, you’re ugly
too. Confession ecard: The reason I swear so
much is because fuck
you. Quote on confession ecard: I always say what I mean.

I may not always mean to
say it out loud, but I
always mean it Quote on confession ecard: I love sleeping because dreams are
much better than reality Quote on confession ecard: I admit, I've typed Confession ecard: It's so cold that a nuclear missile from
North Korea doesn't sound so
bad. Confession ecard: Politicians and diapers have one thing
in common. They should both be
changed regularly, and for the same

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    Back to basics: Sleep 101 <br> College health officials are finally realizing healthy sleep Tnis Puma Bioweb Rosette Ruffled Quilted Clutch Quote on 4th of july ecard: You should be able to 

Give a Ticket to
people for just being

Ryans lie a thon has marathon implications <br> When Paul Ryan said last week he had run a sub three hour marathon, Americas running community had to be impressed. Thats sub seven minute miles for 26.2 miles, a tough task for most runners  including young ones, which is what Ryan was when he Quote on eating ecard: I either eat nothing or eat everything.

There is no in
between Blue train kids named id library tote bag The Sopranos   Tony's Speech To Soprano Family Captains And Soldiers Real Steel (Steelbook) (Blu ray  DVD) Uncharted: Golden Abyss Pulsar Mens Analog Stainless Watch   Silver Bracelet   Silver Dial   PS9161 Moms 70th surprise birthday party


    Uploaded April 12, 2014

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