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    Quote on rude ecard: 
The kitchen is closed
due to illness.

I'm sick of cooking Quote on rude ecard: I hate when people say Quote on rude ecard: I really do think that the
universe would be a much
more better place without
a stupid, irritating, childish,
incompetent, mentally
thief mother
FUCKER,like yourself Quote on rude ecard: Monday must be a man

It comes to quickly Quote on rude ecard: Get off the internet so I
can use the house phone.

Those were the days Quote on rude ecard: All women are bitchesexcept us! 
We are sexy, amazing, awesome,
intelligent and stunning.  But, all the
others are
bitches. Quote on rude ecard: 
I have PMS and a

Any questions? Quote on rude ecard: I think today will be one of those days
where my middle
finger should do all
the talking Quote on rude ecard: Our genitalia should
get back in touch. Quote on rude ecard: If a man whistles at you, don't
respond.  You're a lady, not a dog!

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    Buy weeping Fuji cherry Prunus incisa 'Pendula' Quote on sarcasm ecard: Judge and ruin me all you want. At
least I'm no desperate stalker
like you! Quote on family ecard: My glow? That's just the
baby sucking the life out
of me. It's fine, it's my
second, I know it will be
worth it when the baby
is out, I'm up all night
and I've aged 20 years.
Yes we're excited. Home e Kitchen garden e Tools and equipment e Watering & mulching FORAY Mini Magnetic Dry Erase Board With Aluminum Frame 11 x 14 White Quote on reminders ecard: Silent people have the
loudest minds.  

And that's why I can't
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    Pegged February 3, 2014

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