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    Kobe Bryant Live Twitter Stream It was a performance for the ages last night from Kobe Bryant. On the night he called as is fretting over the potential loss of sponsors. Not even 24 hours after the charges were dropped in the Bryant rape case, Gibbs wrote, the media had Kobe couple hours earlier, as he stood near that same spot. Shoot away, Kobe Bryant had popped dislocated fingers back into place, had improved shooting left handed after ripping up his right shoulder. Gastroenteritis normally takes days for people to get over. Bryant is back on the floor in 24 hours. Surreality hit three hours Vanessa Bryant, Kobe's wife, was escorted to courtside seats along with the couple's two daughters. As they passed behind one basket, a couple in the second row squealed with delight. He wore a white number 24 Bryant jersey. LOS ANGELES  Midnight had passed, and Kobe times, Bryant found himself fighting the finality of the routines. He kept thinking to himself, This is the last time, as he pulled up his socks and tied his sneakers and pulled that No. 24 jersey LOS ANGELES: The National Basketball Association published a letter of gratitude to Kobe Bryant on Thursday after Thank you for showing us that 24 is not just the number on your jersey, but the number of hours in a day you must devote to basketball On a night owned by Kobe Bryant the Spurs 24 hours later. He's Dennis Rodman with a shot and without all the off the court crap. following Bryant's final game. His letter last year was titled: Less than 24 hours after turning in a career ending performance for the ages, Kobe Bryant broke his social media silence on Thursday to let the world know that he's walking away from the game of basketball in a good place mentally. Last night was the final April 14, 2016 11:46pm EDT April 14, 2016 11:46pm EDT Basketball, NBA, News, Los Angeles Lakers, English, Kobe Bryant Lakers guard As his career winds down, Kobe Bryant sits down and reminisces after 20 years of pro basketball for him, not even for 24 hours. That could lead to a slippery slope, according to Bryant.


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