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    Sometimes when a girl acts like she's not interested in you, it might be that she's testing you to see how bad you want her no swimming in the grass You know who wears sunglasses inside?  Blind people and assholes Hips and collor bones are all well and good but where is your personality If you stare at a word on a computer screen long enough, it always looks like it's spelled wrong I'm craving chick fil a but it's sunday I'm posting a picture of a saying or a line of text written in contrasting color on a solid background not because I have anything important to say,, but because everyone else on Facebook is doing it If you don't do stupid things while you're young, you'll hve nothing to smile about when you're old Holy Crap cereal blend Live Worm Removed From India Man's Eye

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    How it feels to post on google empty theater tiger or cat An unexpected turn for the wurst Back pain treatment and neck pain relief Atheism   Attention adults Neck Pain Relief Elephant Tattoo Hip natural peanut butter creamy banana gluten free I don't always watch women's tennis but when I do, I always root for the hotter one Justin Bieber to Star in Baywatch Movie as Hobie Buchanno? BREADLESS BLT SANDWICH Breadless Grilled Cheese Sandwich


    Uploaded July 5, 2012

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