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    Quote on default ecard: Last yeer, I cudn't even
SPELL Quote on default ecard: He said she's allowed to
stay an hour & he won't
be seen in public with
her.LOL #basicbitch
#downgrade Quote on default ecard: I am incredibly thankful for the
creation of earplugs.
But, if I can't find 
the fucking things,
what good are

All Over The Spectrum Quote on default ecard: I used to be a
windbreaker.  Now I'm
just an old fart. Quote on default ecard: When natural stimulus isn't enough:  Quote on default ecard: Good Suggestion for
movie theater prices:

Adults   $9.00, 
Under 12   $ 6.00,
Under 3   $249.00 Quote on default ecard: If I drunk text you and
you are sleeping, don't 
text me back in the

That ship has sailed. Quote on default ecard: My internet went out so I went
downstairs to say hello to
my family.

They seem like nice
people Quote on default ecard: IF U THINK WE CAN
Quote on default ecard: People who walk while
looking at their phones
and expect me to get 
out of the way

now THAT'S
hilarious!  LOL!!!

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     #teamphil meme Quote on drunk ecard: You look like I need a
drink Bengal Tiger Mascot Costume Lightweight Last Night's Winner: ESPN, According To ESPN <br> In sports, everyone is a winnersome people just win better than others. Like ESPN, which is reporting that LeBron James will declare his intentions Thursday during a one hour special televised by ESPN, according to ESPN's sources. Chad Ford still has a Fossil Mens Stainless Steel Case and Bracelet Nate Analog Digital Black Dial Grey Watch   JR1491 35 years after launch, Voyager 1 is reaching for the stars <br> Thousand spend Labor Day weekend at the shore <br> SEA ISLE CITY, N.J.   September 1, 2012 (WPVI)    Thousands of people are spending the last weekend of the summer season at the Jersey Shore. Even with a little cloud cover, most of them were determined to savor every drop of the Jersey Shore weather. Quote on default ecard: Thanks to those people who bring us
joy with their laughable life choices. 

Dumbasses, we thank
you Ultimate bugout bag  WITH A BIT OF bbq sAUCE meme Quote on office ecard: I think my smart phone is

I pressed the home
button and I'm still at
work. LL Cool J   Going Back To Cali


    Pegged January 26, 2015

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