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    Drinking ecard: Why do they only make wine
in single serving bottles Drinking ecard: I think the pills are finally
starting to kick in. Drinking ecard: God invented whiskey to
keep the Irish from
ruling the world. Drinking ecard: A good woman is like a fine red wine,
once uncorked, appreciate to
the full and never waste
a drop! Drinking ecard: On some days, my head is filled with
such wild and original thoughts that I
can barely utter a
word. On other days,
the liquor store is
closed. Quote on drinking ecard: Reality is an illusion
created by a lack of
alcohol Quote on drinking ecard: Alcohol may lead nowhere but it sure
is the scenic route Drinking ecard: Drinking beer is like
pouring smiles on
your brain. Drinking ecard: I am going to start
cleaning my house. And
by cleaning, i mean
drinking beer and
spraying everything
with Febreze Drinking ecard: I don't want to get
technicalbut according
to chemistry, alcohol IS
a solution

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