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    Freedom from Ghost images even when stacked.  Striae free substrates are polished parallel to 30 seconds of to avoid wedge errors.  Finest 7 layer  hard multicoatings on both faces feature 0.25% residual reflections (Baader filters are unique no other colored filter incorporates anti reflection multicoatings).  The coatings are also different for each of the filters in order to match the coating performance to the filter curve of each color.  This maximizes the transmission and minimizes reflections.     Extremely High Transmissions result in maximum contrast and isolation of planetary details even with smaller telescopes.  Efficiencies of the three longpass filters (Red Orange and Yellow) peaks at 98% and efficiencies of the three bandpass filters (Green Blue Dark Blue) achieve 70%.      Carefully designed spectral characteristics.  Filters may be stacked without image degradation or ghosting in order to provide even narrower passbands.  Or combine with any of the other Baader filters for interesting possibilities.     No reduction in sharpness even at high magnifications or when using the filter far ahead of the focal plane (ie digital imaging or in front of a diagonal or binoviewer). The 30 inch USB to RS232 bridge cable adapter permits connection of Meade ETX  DS2000  LX90  and LX200 Series telescopes to a PC via USB port. Many new laptop computers do not have RS232 serial ports and offer the faster USB ports instead. With this bridge cable you can make the USB connection anyway. Driver software compatible with Windows 98SE ME 2000 or XP is included. This software essentially creates a virtual serial port on your computer. To complete the connection however you'll also need a Meade connector cable set. SKY WATCHER PRO 120ED APO REFRACTOR: Serious Amateurs will Love the SW 120mm ED APO Refractor     Sky Watcher high performance ED APO refractors offer premium optical performance for the discriminating amateur astronomer.  Refractors are coveted for their superb contrast high definition and coal black sky background that make stars appear like diamonds imbedded in black velvet.  SW APO refractors utilize the most modern optical glasses and fabricating techniques to deliver the ultimate in high fidelity astronomical imaging.  Subtle details pop as never seen before in telescopes of lesser optical capability.     Observing with the Sky Watcher PRO 120ED APO Refractor     The additional aperture compared to a 100 mm diameter lens provides a dramatic increase in resolution and a heighten sense of seeing lunar and planetary surface phenomenon in seemingly 3D high definition.     Touring the Moonthe rugged Southern Highlands of the lunar surface are rich in craters.  To the southeast the famous crater Theophilus is 65 miles across.  The raised triple peaked central area is striking to observe in your SW 120ED.  The crater has massive walls and the basin is 14000 feet deep.  One of the southernmost craters Clavius is a very large crater 145 miles across.  It is located south of Tycho.  In this same area can be found craters Maginus and Longomotanus which are also very worthy of exploration.  To the north the young crater Tycho dominates the southern lunar landscape. Named after the famous Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe it is a spectacular sight with very high rimmed walls.  Your SW120ED will provide an impressive view.  North of Tycho appearing brightly in a basin is the famous Rupes Recta (the Straight Wall) an 800 foot mountain that is a must see for amateur astronomers.  Your SW 120ED will show it clearly and sharply the way you want to see it.  On the north end of Mare Nubium almost on the lunar N S and E W center line can be found 3 craters grouped toget LARGE APERTURE MANUAL TELESCOPES   Because the earth rotates once on its axis every 24 hours celestial objects move rapidly through the telescopic field particularly at higher powers. The equatorial mount of the Meade 114EQ AR greatly facilitates object tracking simply by manually turning one or both of the control cables.The large 114mm diameter mirror of this model gathers 361% more light than 60mm telescopes. Fainter more distant objects can be seen in far greater detail. The beginning amateur who intends to use a manual telescope on a regular basis will find the equatorial mount to be a valuable investment.Features:114mm Aperture (4.5 Capture the moment!  Celestron's T adapter for Schmidt Cassegrain telescopes will allow you to attach a 35mm SLR camera to your telescope. Celestron's T adapter threads onto any SCT's rear cell and works seamlessly with a T ring made specifically for your brand of camera (sold separately). It expands the utility of both camera and telescope. With it you'll capture the moment indeed   up close! Our iOptron SmartStar E MC90 telescope system is the ideal choice for deep space viewing and astrophotography. This 90mm diameter Maksutov Cassegrain Telescope dramatically reduces the chromatic aberration that plagues its Refractor counterparts and has a focal length of 1200mm. This light weight ultra compact scope offers a great combination of power and transportability and brings stargazing to a whole other level.Alt Azimuth Mount The CubeThe SmartStar E MC90 comes with our patented Alt Azimuth Mount a.k.a. The Cube. This compact mount design is probably the most functional and flexible unit on the market. Both axis motors are built into a small single unit which is universally compatible with all telescopes using a dove tail connection. In addition there are no dead spots  so you can point your telescope to ANYWHERE above the horizon whereas other mounts block the telescope tube at certain points of rotation. This mount also comes standard with AC connection. An optional DC adaptor is available so you can plug your telescope motor into your car if youre camping or at any remote location.The most easy to understand controller on the marketThe GoToNovaTM Controller is much easier to use than other similar products. The hand controller is more intuitive with menu categories better organized. It also has a larger LCD screen with more lines of content compared with the competition. Using the easy to use hand controller and its large LCD screen you can easily set up your telescope and select where you want to go.More precise speed control for viewing objectsThe control system also allows you to slew the telescope at 5 different drive speeds keeping the object within the telescopes viewfinder for as long as you wish.Simply a better tripodMade of 1 inch heavy duty stainless steel the SmartStar Tripod is sturdy yet elegant and gives the user unparalleled stability during operation. Solid constru All new Meade LX600 Telescopes  Now you can have the most advanced imaging platform available.  The Meade LX600 series telescopes feature StarLock for automatic alignment ultra precision pointing and assisted drift alignment.  The Meade LX600 telescopes are available with or without the all new X Wedge for equatorial mounting the telescope.  Now the LX600 telescopes feature an all new optical system featuring an oversized Low Expansion Borsilicate primary mirror Schott Borofloat glass corrector plate diffraction limited optics and an f/8 focal ratio.  And with the optional Meade LX600/800 focal reducer you can bring that down to f/5 for even faster imaging.  Meade LX600 features:       Advanced Coma Free Optics  StarLock dual imager and full time autoguider  GPS Receiver  Internal Crayford style focusing system with 7:1 focus control  OTA tube balance weight system  AutoStar II handbox with 145000 object library  Smart Drive with Permanent Periodic Error Corrrection (PPEC)  Patented Level North Technolgy (LNT)  Alignment System  8x50 Viewfinder  AutoStar Suite software  Free AutoStar upgrades from       Meade StarLock       High precision autoguiding down to one arcsecond  No need for separate guider or computer  Captures field stars down to 11th magnitude       Meade ACF Advanced Coma Free f/8 Optics       New faster f/8 Advanced Coma Free optics  Two Speed Crayford Style Focuser with 7:1 micro adjustment  Optional f/5 field flattener/focal reducer available TeleVue 90 Everbrite DiagonalWhiter and brighter images. Simply put that is the benefit the Everbrite mirror coating. This exotic dielectric nonmetallic coating is 99% reflective across the full visual spectrum resulting in the German Equatorial mount and tripod as supplied with all Omni XLT Series telescopes  Includes RA and DEC slow motion controls and setting circles  Tripod has adjustable height 1.75 steel leg tripod with center brace/accessory tray  Two counterweights: 7  and 4 lb. This Quality Meade 90 degree diagonal prism is for Schmidt Cassegrain and refractor telescopes. The image will appear upright but mirror reversed.

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    Atx Crystals Receiver Crystal AM Ch69 w/Cap LifeProof Bike and Bar Mount for iPhone 4/4S Case: FRE Extra high Torque Farm Duty Motor, Capacitor start, Capacitor run, Totally Enclosed Fan cooled, 5 Hp, 1740 Nameplate Rpm, 230 Voltage, 184t Nema/iec Frame, Service Factor 1.15, 60 Hz, Base Mounting, Sealed Ball Bearings, Thermal Protection Manual, Full Load Amps 20.5, Ambient 40 C, Rotation Cw/ccw, Shaft Dia 1 1/8 In, Shaft Length 2 3/4 In, Insulation Class F XTM Diff Housing/Outer Gear Blade/Outlaw XTM HPRC Wheeled Hard Case for the Inspire 1 Pro Exhaust Fan, Standard Duty Belt Drive With Drive Package, Propeller Dia 36 In, Cfm @ 0.000 in Sp 12220, @ 0.125 in Sp 10328, Sones @ 0.000 in Sp @ 5 Ft 15.8, Max Inlet Temp 104 Deg F, Voltage 208 230/440, 60 Hz, 3 Phase, Motor Hp 1/2, Bearing Type Regreaseable Pillowblock, Fan Rpm 556, Height 40 In, Width 40 In, Max. Depth 22 In, Mounting Position Vertical Or Horizontal, Frame Material Galvanized Steel, Propeller Material Steel Compatible Mutoh VJ MSINK3CL, ink cartridge, cleaning Eleaf iJust BDC Atomizer Head for GS14/16/16S/BCC GT 5pcs(1.6ohm) Elite Premium Refurbished Apple MacBook Air 13 BLACK OUT DJI PHANTOM 3 ADVANCED Zenmuse X3 Camera   Filter Kit Remanufactured HP 934XL, C2P23AN ink cartridge, high yield, black


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