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    80's humor | What if stacy's mom was jessie's girl and her number was 867 5309 Cocking fuckborough: please don't laugh at our village's funny name I was going to clean my house but then someone commented on my status Largest Nachos on Earth: nachos as big as Kanye West's ego $5 lol Brofist President Lyndon B. Johnson  owned an amphibious car, the Amphicar and scared his guests by driving it into the lake Just who do you think you are suggesting serving size?  You dont know me!  Meme Obama bumper stickers that translate to 'I'm unarmed'  lol Who needs cups when you have shoes Orgasm Donors?  WTF?

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    Tyron Woodley Fail Compilation May 2013 Week 1&2 redhead Alexandra Tyron Woodley qvc shopping channel Tallest building in the world Snapchat brings the goofy Swindler's list House of Cards   Construction Sector in Slovenia hot freckled girls with high res tanks? This must have been a blast to paint!


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