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    Quote on confession ecard: What I don't understand is how
women can throw
hot wax on their
bodies, let it dry, then
rip out every single
hair by its root, but 
still be scared of a
small spider. Quote on confession ecard: I have PMS and GPS

Which means I'm a bitch and
I will find you Confession ecard: 
Well, I would love to stay and chat,
but I fucking hate you. Quote on confession ecard: I just wish my ex could 
look down from heaven
and see me right now

but NO, the 
bastard is still alive!!! Life is all bout
ass… you’re either
kissing it, behaving
like it, covering
it, working it off,
or trying to get a
piece of it. Quote on confession ecard: I'm a classy mom
until you mess with my
kids. Then I turn into
the biggest
ass whooping bitch
from hell you will 
ever meet. Confession ecard: My sex life is like a Ferrari

I don't have a Ferrari.
Quote on confession ecard: I'm going to stand outside so
if anyone asks, I'm outstanding. Quote on confession ecard: You're the type of
boy I'd make a
sandwich for Quote on confession ecard: I dressed myself today so please
don't judge my mama
for my outfit.she encourages
my free spirit!

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    Uploaded January 6, 2015

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