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    Humor ecard: Every guy thinks that every
girl's dream is to find the
perfect guy.

No!  Every girl's dream is
to eat without getting fat! Quote on humor ecard: Having a 2 year old is like having
a blender without a lid. Humor ecard: Adults are just kids with
money Humor ecard: Fun fact:

Your chances of dying
on the way to getting
a lottery ticket is
much greater than
winning Quote on humor ecard: I don't hate you but let's
put it this way

If I had a bucket of
& you were on fire,
I'd drink the water Quote on humor ecard: 
I desperately want to go
camping this summer.  

Preferably in a hotel. 
With a pool.
And a spa. Quote on humor ecard: Some people need a
sympathetic pat on
the head

With a hammer! Humor ecard: According to my day
planner, I don't give a
fuck. Quote on humor ecard: Mary we are like
peas and carrots Humor ecard:      
I don't have bad handwriting, I have
my own font

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an equal and opposite idiot.

They are called husband and


    Pegged January 22, 2015

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