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    Quote on humor ecard:             I  BEFORE E 
except when eight feisty neighbors
seize a surfeit of weighty heifers. Quote on humor ecard: Any employer should be
happy to have me. I know
exactly how to look up
stuff on Wikipedia Humor ecard: 

Men, listen up!
If you want to know
what to buy her, simply
check her boards on
Pinterest Quote on humor ecard: Crying is for pretty women.

Real women go
shopping Humor ecard: The only time to eat
diet food is while
waiting for the steak
to cook

  Julia Child Quote on humor ecard: I really live a perfect life, but
that crap is so dull, I've
decided to mess it all up
and make it fun again. Quote on humor ecard: That is by far the most fucked up
thing I've ever
heard.  Let's
do it! Quote on humor ecard: Sorry but I'm not tall enough
to ride your emotional roller
coaster Quote on humor ecard: Behind every man,
there's a woman resisting
the urge to choke him Quote on humor ecard: My laugh is two faced cause
one means

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