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    Quote on humor ecard: No, I'm not high maintenance.

You just have low standards. Quote on humor ecard: 
My room is not messy!  It
is an obstacle course
designed to keep me fit Humor ecard: Revenge?  Nah, I'm too lazy.  
I'm just going to sit here and watch
Karma fuck you up. Quote on humor ecard: I love sleeping because it's kind of like
being dead without the responsibilities. Humor ecard: I wish I were a cat because the fatter
you are, the more people like you. 
And, you get to sleep
all day Quote on humor ecard: Organized people are just too lazy to
look for things Humor ecard: My ex boyfriend had a weird habit. 
He used to dress up like himself and
then act like a fucking asshole all the
time. Quote on humor ecard: Darling, don't flatter
yourself. You are not as
important as you pretend
to be. Quote on humor ecard: I don't care what you
think of me.  But, if you
think I'm awesome.  In
that case, you are right. Quote on humor ecard: I solemnly swear that I'm
up to no good

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    I know, Twillght isn't a movieBut she Madpax Dinosaur Spikes Full Backpack   Black   only $59.99 Humor ecard: I am not lazy actually, I
am just incredibly
motivated to
do nothing stock vector : Abstract Islamic Floral Ornament. Jpeg Version Also Humor ecard: I hear there's a new
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    Pegged April 4, 2013

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