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    Quote on eating ecard: I'll do anything to lose
10 pounds other than
eat healthy and work
out. Quote on eating ecard: I hate it when I've eaten
the last bite and I
forgot to remind myself
it was the last bite
because I wasn't able
to get closure Quote on eating ecard: I love spending the day with my
daughter at Disneyland. Especially
when I'm shit faced drunk!
Cuca's gonna kill
me! Quote on eating ecard: Bacon, with it's 
complex savory 
flavors, is a true
masterpiece of 
the meat world. Quote on eating ecard: Since everyone says that
you are what you eat, I think
I need to eat a skinny
person. Quote on eating ecard: 
Do not reward yourself
with food.

You're not a dog Quote on eating ecard: I wish I could lose weight as easily as I
lose my keys, pen, cell
phone, my temper and
even my mind Quote on eating ecard: I need to start eating
more healthy but first I
need to eat all the food
in the house so it doesn't
tempt me anymore Quote on eating ecard: While my cat was wearing a cone, 
he learned to scoop up his food and
let it slide into his mouth

and now 
I'm getting 
really crazy
ideas. Hmm. Quote on eating ecard: Chili tastes better
when you microwave it
at work without a lid
for an extra 15

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