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    Got your own plans for your 14 If you know the Starlight Instruments Feather Touch focuser   then you dont need to read any explanation about it.  You already know.  In case you don't let us fill you in    Starlight Inistruments makes the worlds finest telescope focusers.  Some of the world's most elite telescope manufacturers would not use anything but the best and choose the Feather Touch Focuser for their stock focusers.  Many serious astrophotography enthusiasts that use telescopes without a Feather Touch Focuser will immediately change their focuser to a Feather Touch.     For achieving perfect focus you need a focuser that is smooth as can be.  With ultra fine detail adjustment.  Only the Starlight Instruments Feather Touch focusers can offer such perfection.     Specifications      Other Info DT Length: 2.95/74.93mm  Focuser Housing / Base 2.75/69.85mm OD NT flange  Draw Tube Travel 1.6/40.64mm  Racked In from Mounting Face 1.405/35.687mm  Racked Out from Mounting Face 3.005/76.327mm  Racked In Draw Tube Below Mounting Face 1.52/38.56mm  Diameter at Back Side (Eye Piece) of Draw Tube 52.020/51.31mm  Thread on Entry (OTA | FRONT) Side of Draw Tube Female 52x0.75mm (2.0 diameter)  Draw Tube Drive Mechanism Crayford Type Friction Drive  Draw Tube Drive Material Steel on Steel  Draw Tube Linear Bearing Style Dovetail Ball Bearing  Draw Tube Linear Bearing Material Steel on Steel  Reduction Unit Type 2.0 Inch Planetary Drive  Reduction Ratio 10.25:1 (Approximately)  Travel per Pinion Revolution 0.785/19.94mm  Lifting Capacity 8 10 lbs  Travel per Fine Focus Knob 0.077/1.960mm GPS mount!Celestron's GPS accessory bracket is intended to hold the GPS accessory for CGE telescopes and other scopes that offer the GPS feature. It clamps to one leg of the telescope's tripod to hold the GPS unit securely. The Celestron CGE Pro 925 HD Telescope combines Celestron's state of the art CGE Pro Computerized Equatorial mount with its new EdgeHD optical system. With over 9 inches of aperture and our premium StarBright XLT coatings the CGE Pro 925 HD gives you over 1000 times the light gathering power than the unaided eye.     Celestron's New Optical Design     The Celestron EdgeHD optical system takes all of the compact power popularized by the Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope (SCT) and combines it with an improved high definition optical system for wide field astrograph quality images.     As a visual instrument Celestron EdgeHD optics deliver pinpoint images even with your widest field eyepiece. You can search for all of the Messier Catalog objects and see hundreds of other equally interesting NGC IC and Caldwell objects with amazing clarity. For astroimaging the EdgeHD optics produce aberration free images across your favorite CCD or DSLR camera. All EdgeHD optics are designed to produce an extremely flat focal plane precise enough to match the strict tolerances of the largest commercial ccd detectors allowing all stars to be in tight focus to the very edge of the chip.     Diffraction Limited     Some companies boast that their telescopes give diffraction limited stars in the very center of the field of view. EdgeHD optics not only produce diffraction limited stars on axis but maintain diffraction limited stars across the entire field of view of many of the most popular astrophotography cameras. Even at the very edge of a full frame camera chip the EdgeHD 9.25 delivers diffraction limited stars of only 1 arc seconds.     Along with the newly designed optics the EdgeHD also has re designed mechanics guaranteed to help you get the maximum performance from your instrument     Features Include:     Mirror Locks  To hold the mirror in place and reduce image shift during imaging.     Tube Vents   Each vent has an integrated 60 micron micro mesh filter allowing hot air to be Let a Celestron NexStar 4 SE Telescope help you find thousands of stars planets galaxies and more at the touch of a button!  In the tradition of Celestron's famous orange optical tubes the NexStar SE Telescope Family combines the classic heritage of the original orange tube telescopes with state of the art features including a fully computerized operating system flash upgradeable hand control superior coatings and much more. Requires 8 AA batteries (user supplied).  With the Celestron NexStar 4 SE you are in the driver's seat. Simply choose an object from the menu and the telescope will find it for you. Using Celestron's patented NexStar technology the SE scopes have the ability to locate nearly 40000 objects. All you have to do is look through the eyepiece and enjoy the view!  Don't know what object to choose? Let the intelligent Celestron NexStar 4 SE Telescope give you a guided tour of the night sky! The Tour feature offers a customized list of the best objects in the sky to view for your exact time and location anywhere in the world!  Not only can your Celestron NexStar SE Telescope find objects it can teach you about them as well. Information on the most popular objects can be viewed in the LCD screen of your hand control.  Whether you are a seasoned astronomer looking for a portable telescope with advanced features or just starting your astronomy adventure and looking for an easy way to enjoy the night sky a Celestron NexStar SE Telescope will help you take a closer look.     The days of complicated telescope assembly and setup are over. NexStar SE telescopes can be set up in a matter of minutes with no tools required!  Celestron NexStar SE Key Features    Computerized hand control with nearly 40000 object database and motorized altazimuth mount  Quick release optical tube for easy no tool setup  StarBright XLT enhances coatings for maximum light transmission and clarity  Flash upgradable hand control; update your telescope's software via the Internet  Interna Get started with astrophotography on your Meade LX200 or LX90 telescope.  The LX200 and LX90 telescopes f/10 focal ratio makes them difficult to take long exposure photos with your DSLR Nikon or DSLR Canon EOS camera   that's why we included the Meade f/6.3 focal reducer to make the telescope The Zhumell 2in. 2x ED Barlow doubles the magnifying power of any eyepiece used in conjunction with it. ED optical lenses offer unparalleled image quality and contrast. Many other manufacturers use standard optical glass in their Barlow lenses an accessory which if not designed correctly can diminish the starlight which reaches your eye. The ultimate extension of your eyepiece collection the 2in. 2x Barlow Lens from Zhumell doubles the power of any eyepiece it is used with without sacrificing light transmission. Once you use the Zhumell 2in. 2x ED Barlow you will clearly see why it is an essential part of any eyepiece and accessory collection. Fits 2in. format telescopes and 2in. and 1.25in. format eyepieces. Compression Rings in both the 2in. format and 1.25in. format for protection of eyepieces. The Baader Planetarium T 2 Prism Star Diagonal is easily the finest prism star diagonal available today.  The right angle prism is produced by Zeiss and is the identical prism that Zeiss supplied for use with their exquisite APQ telescopes.   The famous Baader 7 Layer Multi Coatings ensure the image is bright and contrasty and the oversized prism provides an oversized full clear aperture of 1.34 (34mm)!  The precision machined aluminum housing provides a stress free mounting and precise location for the prism unlike the typical weak plastic or crudely cast housings found on lesser diagonals. Extremely low scatter and high contrast images are the hallmark of this prism diagonal. The end result is a lifetime diagonal that matches or exceeds the brightness and image quality of the finest mirror star diagonals.  Users of fine refractors over f/7 as well as SCT users have found that the Baader T 2 Prism Star Diagonal provides the sharpest and highest contrast images they have seen from any star diagonal mirror or prism. Crafted for quality, the 2 inch diagonal mirror permits wide fields of view impossible to achieve with eyepieces of smaller barrel diameter.The focuser of the Meade DS 2080AT telescope includes a 2 inch eyepiece holder to accept the oversize diagonal mirror, which in turn accepts eyepieces of 2 inch barrel diameter. An adapter is included to allow for the use of standard 1.25 inch eyepieces in the 2 inch Diagonal Mirror as well.Note: the mirror is required only on the DS 2080AT telescope. DS reflecting telescopes (e.g., DS 2114ATs) do not require a diagonal mirror to use 2 inch eyepieces. SC thread to 2

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    Epson 252, T252320 Genuine Original (OEM) ink cartridge, magenta, 300 pages Tie down, Truck Strap, Length 18 In., Width 3/4 In., Black, Polyurethane, Galvanized Steel Hooks, For Use With Atvs, Cargo Rack, Truck, Car, Motorcycle, Rv, Dollies, Hand Trucks, Hydraulic Hoses, Utility Trucks Meade 10 Inch LX90 GPS Telescope with UHTC     The LX90GPS can locate over 30000 objects including itself. Turn it on and the built in Sony GPS receiver immediately determines your precise date time and location. In just minutes your scope is ready to give you a tour of the most spectacular sights in the universe with GPS precision. With all the features of a legendary LX90 plus the ability to track satellites Meade's new LX90 GPS has it all.     When you consider competing methods of alignment (synchronizing your telescope's computer with the night sky) nothing is easier than Meade's AutoAlign. Not even competing three object alignment methods. That's because LX90GPS telescopes are smart scopes that know the night sky right out of the box. When it comes to industry leading optics oversized primary mirrors depth of features and value for your dollar the LX90GPS is the best Schmidt Cassegrains on the market.     The 10 LX90 has a 10 diameter f/10 optical system (focal length 2500mm) and Ultra High Transmission Coatings (UHTC) for maximum image brightness and contrast. Electronics include the advanced Meade 497 AutoStar computer system with over 30000 object library multiple guided tours High Precision Pointing capability and Meade SmartDrive with Permanent Periodic Error Correction.     All LX90 GPS models feature the solid and stable LX90 aluminum double fork mount with fast slew speed adjustable from 1 to 7 degrees per second. Fine slewing and photographic guiding speeds can be adjusted from .01x to 1x sidereal in one one hundredth increments. The mount and all electronics are internally powered by 8 (user supplied) C cell batteries which will typically operate the telescope for a generous 60 hours (optional Meade Universal AC adapter also available). The mount also has mechanical locks in both axis allowing adjustment even without power.     The LX90 ACF comes fully equipped with a heavy duty height adjustable Meade Field Tripod 1.25 diagonal prism Series 4 Display Case, Height (in.) 72, Length (in.) 48, Depth (in.) 16, Color Autumn Oak, Includes 12 In. Base And Build in Lighting XTM Crankshaft XTM 21 PS SG Shaft HTC Arrive Zakka Phone Wallet, Hot Pink Blower, Unassembled, Double Inlet Forward Curve, Belt Drive, With Drive Package, Wheel Dia. (in.) 18 1/8, Wheel Width (in.) 13 1/2, Cfm Range 5400 To 3180 @ 0.250 in Sp To 0.500 in Sp, Max. Inlet Temp. (deg. F) 150, Max. Ambient Temp. (f) 104, Voltage 208 230/460, Hz 50/60, Phase 3, Full Load Amps 3.2 3.2/1.6, Motor Hp 1, Bearing Type Ball, Housing Height (in.) 30 11/16, Housing Width (in.) 17 3/8, Housing Depth (in.) 27, Discharge Height (in.) 11 3/4, Discharge Width (in.) 17 3/8 OSMO PART 7 INTELLIGENT BATTERY HTC Windows Phone 8X Value Series USB Travel Charger Adapter, Dark Blue HP 75 Remanufactured Color Ink Cartridge (CB337WN) Garmin Forerunner 110 Unisex Black Fitness Watch Premium HP 971XL, CN628AM ink cartridge, USA made, high yield, yellow, 6600 pages


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