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    Confession ecard: I wonder what the blood
alcohol level is of all these
mosquitoes that keep
biting me? Quote on confession ecard: Dear life,

I've had enough bullshit
for a while.  Can we take
a little break please? Quote on confession ecard: 
Once upon a time, I
had a life.  Then
some idiot came and
suggested I make a
Pinterest account. Confession ecard: If there was a way to read a
woman’s mind, I am not sure
I would want to. I hate shoes,
shopping, gossip, and I
already know I am
annoying. Confession ecard: I get a lot of my cardio from speed
walking around the
house looking for
wine. Quote on confession ecard: The more time I spend being around
people, the more I prefer to be
around my cats
instead. Quote on confession ecard: I admit, I've typed Quote on confession ecard: I hope we are friends till we

And then I hope we can still
be ghost friends so we can
scare the hell out of
people Quote on confession ecard: Every woman on Earth
gave birth to a child. 
Except my mother, she
gave birth to a legend. Quote on confession ecard: Insomnia is nature's way of saying that
you are not done bugging
people for the day

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weekend until
Monday sobers me
up!!   Quote on inspirational ecard: 
Just because it doesn't
make sense to you
doesn't mean that it
isn't crystal clear in
my head! DO NOT GO OVER LABOR meme


    Pegged May 1, 2014

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