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    Breakup ecard: It's a shame he found
out what a bitch I
could be before he
found out what a slut
I could be. Quote on breakup ecard: The person who broke
you can't be the
person who can
fix you. Wipe your mouth,
there's still a tiny
bit of bullshit
around your lips. Quote on breakup ecard: Ever looked at your ex and wondered:
Breakup ecard: 
I'm not with stupid
anymore. Breakup ecard: Yes, I plan to forgive and forget.
Forgive how stupid I was and forget
you. Hold still and stay
calm, I am going to
punch the stupid off
your face. There is one thing I
would break up over
and that is if she
caught me with
another woman. I
wouldn’t stand for
that. It's all mind over
matter. I don't
mind, and you don't
matter. Quote on breakup ecard: My ex girlfriend had a
really weird fetish. She
used to dress up like
herself and act like a
fuckin' bitch all the time.

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The biggest coward is a
man who awakens a
women's love, with no
intention of loving
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