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    Quote on love ecard: One time I caught myself smiling for
no apparent reason.
Then I realized I was thinking
about you. Quote on love ecard: Sometimes I think he's only with me
for my amazing sandwich making skills
& my ability to keep up with him
drinking.oh and my
ass. I have a great
ass! Quote on love ecard: If a man speaks at sea, where no
woman can hear, is he still wrong? Quote on love ecard: Do you believe in love at first sight or
should I walk by again? Quote on love ecard: Tell a girl she's beautiful and
she'll believe you for a second.

Tell a girl she's ugly and
she'll believe you for a
lifetime. Quote on love ecard: Love is when you look someone in
the eyes and see everything
you've dreamed of. Quote on love ecard: Why was Cupid was
chosen for Valentine's
Day? When I think of
romance, the last thing
on my mind is a
half naked, chubby,
toddler coming at me
with a weapon Quote on love ecard: Love at first sight is
possible, but it never
hurts to take a second
look. Quote on love ecard: You have no idea how
many inconvenient
boners you have caused. Quote on love ecard: There are 2 ways to argue with a

Neither works

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    Leopard Floral Rubber Gloves Caterpillar Stickshift Boots Quote on sarcasm ecard: Teenagers, are you tired of being
harassed by your annoying
parents?  Then act now!!!
Move out, get a job, pay
your own way
while you still know
everything. Quote on sarcasm ecard: Fake nails
Fake hair
Fake smile
Fake boobs

Bitch are you sure you
weren't made in
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    Pegged May 1, 2014

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    Quote on love ecard: Never lose yourself while trying to
hold on to someone who doesn't care
about losing you.

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