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    Quote on default ecard:                  ~ Revenge Plan ~ 

*invent shrinking machine.

*shrink to tiny size. 

*crawl all over
sleeping spider's face. Quote on default ecard: ALERT: Snowbirds please
stop bragging about warm
warm in the south
& cold in the north.
If we wanted to live there
WE WOULD! Quote on default ecard: I work hard so my cat can have a
better life Quote on default ecard: You may look old and wise to the
outside world but to me you will
always be my little brother who loved 
to listen Quote on default ecard: Frozen chicken nuggets for
breakfast.don't mind if I do.

Quote on default ecard: I don't regret burning my bridges,
I regret that some people
weren't still on those
fucking bridges when i
burnt them. Quote on default ecard: EXCUSE ME

Don't you think you
should text me instead of
my husband

Quote on default ecard: Chances of me getting
anything done by the
deadline are about 0%. Quote on default ecard: (Me) Damn, doc, I'm losing my hair.
What can you give
me to keep it in?

(Dr.) a plastic bag
Quote on default ecard: Kevan says:

I like you!

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