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    Humor ecard: 
I wish complaining
about taxes was
tax deductible Humor ecard: No matter how dirty your past is,
your future is always spotless Humor ecard: 
Always borrow money
from a pessimist.  He 
won't expect it
back. Humor ecard: Dear Google, thank you for doing
most of my homework for me. Quote on humor ecard: Silence is goldenunless you have a

In that case, silence is very
suspicious. Humor ecard: Eenie meenie miny moe
You aint nothing but a hoe
You think you're cute
You think you're classy
Newsflash girl
You're fricken
nasty Quote on humor ecard: Don't feel bad, not everybody can
handle this much
awesomeness. It takes a
certain breed. Quote on humor ecard: I just rolled my eyes
so hard, I think I saw
my brain Quote on humor ecard: 
The older I get the
more everyone can
kiss my ass Humor ecard: Just because you're not paranoid
doesn't mean they are not
out to get you.

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