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 Jennifer Smith Tom Felton Daniel Radcliffe "Actually, when we shot the final scene on the platform, I did mention… I thought a hug and a kiss [with Harry] would be nice. David denied me that."
Tom Felton  interview quote Tom Felton draco malfoy tom felton evanna lynch

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    Tom Felton Tom Felton Harry Potter facts Elder wand only one with Thestral tail at its core  Ron Weasley Spiders Harry potter  quotes stone chamber prisoner goblet order prince hallows we are the harry potter generation   tom felton
draco malfoy Tom Felton Behind the scenes final day Harry Potter facts Ministry  of magic Dial code 62442 Tom Felton Harry Potter Lord Voldemort your mom humor funny Tom Felton Slytherin Quidditch team captain Athletic T shirt Harry Potter  clothing clothes


    Pegged June 14, 2013

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