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    Quote on eating ecard: 
Raisin cookies that look
like chocolate chip
cookies are the main
reason I have trust
issues. Quote on eating ecard: I can't go on a new diet
because I've been
forced to go on a diet
plan called Quote on eating ecard: People disappoint.

Coffee is eternal. Quote on eating ecard: I don't exercise.  If God had
wanted me to bend
over, he would have put
diamonds on the floor Quote on eating ecard: Why are kids today

Maybe cause a
hamburger is .99
cents and a salad is
5 bucks! Quote on eating ecard: I wish I were as thin a my
patience. Quote on eating ecard: I wish I could lose weight as easily as I
lose my keys, pen, cell
phone, my temper and
even my mind Quote on eating ecard: I'll do anything to lose
10 pounds other than
eat healthy and work
out. Quote on eating ecard: Raising cookies that look like
chocolate chip cookies are
the main reason I have
trust issues Quote on eating ecard: Dear stomach,

You're bored, not hungry
so shut up!

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language in high school:
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but he's the only one that matters JHS baseball team short on experience <br> Three players mean an awful lot to the success of the Jamestown High School baseball team this spring. The graduation of seven seniors off last year's state tournament team has put senior Tanner Lunzman and juniors Nolan Kratz and Ben Friebel in the driver


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