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    Call the dr pepper I have the case of pop Quote on default ecard: I may be smiling on the
outside, but there's a
storm brewing on the
inside. Quote on default ecard: This thought makes me stronger that my dad is my support and he is always there for me.
Love you daddy!!!

Quote on default ecard: 
The answer may not be
at the bottom of the
bottle, but it doesn't
hurt to look there Quote on default ecard: Your really not that good looking. The
only reason why I'm still fucking you is
because your one of the easy Gays to
fuck until I decide to go
straight!!! Quote on default ecard: Certain shit I just can't put
up with.  That's why
certain people I just don't
deal with Quote on default ecard: Having a child with autism
means not worrying about
someone breaking into
your home to steal your
stuff. Who would want
all this broken shit? 

fb/All Over The Spectrum Quote on default ecard: Frozen chicken nuggets for
breakfast.don't mind if I do.

Quote on default ecard: You may look old and wise to the
outside world but to me you will
always remain my little brother
who loved to listen to stories and
roamed the house on his plastic potty.
Happy Rakhi, Ume. Quote on default ecard: Call yo fuckin motha


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