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    funny ecard: keep saying shit like that, and you're going to get punched Mumbai mirror funny front page article: 4500 years of teaching experience has ensured exceptional results Obamacare: It's not a tax   Barck Obama      Yes it is   The Supreme court.  Very funny photo The pity train has just derailed at the corner of suck it up and move on and crashed into "We all have problems" before coming to a stop at Get The Hell Over It ecard Killing Nazis hasn't been this much fun since killing Nazis    old man playing war game Hillary clinton adopts alien baby    Secret service building special nursery in the White House  Official Photo weekly world news So let me get this straight.  Women wear fake hair, nails, lashes, contact.  Buy fake tits, lips, ass and get botox.  But want a real man?? That awkward moment when you realize it's just a dinosaur.  He's an epic douche bag.  I have no idea how he found me on Facebook.  He can send me all the friend request he want, they will all be denied.  Eventually we all add our husbands Im sexy and i know it    This mah sexy face

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    Absolute Best Ever Lasagna Y U No   mcdonalds y u no make krabby pattys Japanese Main Dish The Hair Tutorial   By: Christina Grimmie Hard Rock Cafe, un sitio para NO ir en grupo | TuaLeT on the blog Louis C.K. Hates Cell Phones Pete's Scratch Pancakes Panda power outlet Pawn Stars Rick   change for a dollar? best i can do is 50ยข Apple Cake Photo of Pork Tenderloin on a Mint, Ginger and Garlic Salad Indian Main Dish


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