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    Quote on default ecard: Accountants are not boring. 
Stop by and I'll
show  you why! Quote on default ecard: Bigamy is having one wife
too many.  So is
monogamy Quote on default ecard: When you un friend
someone as cool as me.
You have to recruit
hundreds of friends to
make up for the lost
awesomeness. Quote on default ecard: Yes I do have a beautiful

I also have a big gun,
a backhoe, some lime,
and a fucking alibi! Quote on default ecard: Autismland is where you wish your
child wouldn't spend most of their
time in the bathroom and would
just pee in the pool
like all the NT
children do. 
fb/All Over The
Spectrum Quote on default ecard: Quote on default ecard: I have a condition that
prevents me from going
on a diet.It's called
HUNGER! Quote on default ecard: We helped spread autism awareness 
at a baseball game. 

Quote on default ecard: The difference between
your opinion and vodka
is that I asked for vodka. Quote on default ecard: I'm sorry I wasn't there for you like
you weren't there for me.

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    live for adventure hover image to zoom other views TOWIES Jessica Wright wears LOVE, Click to Buy! Sea Salt Body Scrub Shop Handbags Women's Taltrap (nubuck tan) ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY WISH A HAPPY BIRTHDAY WITHOUT A PEGITBOARD MEME meme Quote on sarcasm ecard: God must have made him
with his left handon a
Monday morningwith a
hangover UF to offer STEM degrees in Miami <br> Community college students in Miami have a chance to earn microbiology degrees from UF without the six hour drive Dade College last month a $1.7 million grant to increase the number of students graduating with degrees in science, technology Reminders ecard: You may be prettier,
skinnier and tanner than
I am but I out boob you
every level. Home and Garden books 600 Free WordPress Themes  Best Collection of Free Themes


    Pegged January 13, 2016

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