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    Quote on default ecard: Just when you think it's safsafeto come
out, Birdie Ann throws
a spider on you and
laughs, but you gotta
love that crazy
chick. Quote on default ecard: 
If I've learned anything
in my twenty two years
on this earth,
it's that it's okay to
lie about your age. Quote on default ecard: Don't Tell Anyone But Sharon's Taking
A Nap ! Quote on default ecard: Si abo mes.get over it girl move on!! Quote on default ecard: When life gets weird, make
it weird to the point
where it gets awkward. Quote on default ecard: It really annoys me when
people use Facebook to
carry out emotional
blackmail. Quote on default ecard: I thought you knew this is
Buckjammer's world Quote on default ecard: Remember, we are one Quote on default ecard: (4 y.o.) What happens 
when you die?

(Me) You go to heaven.

(4 y.o.) No, I mean 
when YOU die, 
do I get your stuff? Quote on default ecard: I don't give two shits

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    Quote on facebook ecard: I love you enough to irritate hundreds
of people by expressing
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    Pegged March 16, 2015

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