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    Quote on default ecard: You think he bought it

Quote on default ecard: I am just an outline of a
person Quote on default ecard: I just want to be able to sit down
without sitting in clumps of poop.
Sadly the expectations I have for my
life are

All Over The
Spectrum Quote on default ecard: Ebola just arrived in 
the US and people are 
already wearing masks.

AIDS has been 
here for 55 years 
and fools still don't 
use a condom. Quote on default ecard: Facebook is limiting the
number of my posts that
you can see. Consider
yourself lucky.

fb/All Over The Spectrum Quote on default ecard: Listen here! If you're going to steal my
graphics, call me names, and bully me
on my own page, you
have a lot of nerve. Get
lost, because this
world doesn't
need people
like you! Quote on default ecard: I've recently started dating
a beautiful and kind
woman who doesn't 
have a bad bone 
in her body

yet. Quote on default ecard: You know that tingly feeling you get
when you love someone new?

That's commons
sense leaving your
body Quote on default ecard: Maybe instead of kissing
your ass, you should kiss
mine. After all, I'm the
one who's Irish. Quote on default ecard: Why are you so offended
that I called you a low
functioning NT? Stop
being so defensive. 

fb/All Over The

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    Kimbo Slice Ready? happy b'day, Alec meme Ice Watch Mens Ice Sporty Big horloge Plastic Case White Silicone Strap Black Dial White Watch   SR.3H.WBK.BB.S.15 Congratulations to
you and Venezuela on
being rid of the
insane, dominating
men in your lives. Hilary Duff Quote on sarcasm ecard: 
If I could get a firm grip on reality

I'd choke it! Purely White Skin Brightening Cleanser | Natural products Alesis Transactive Wireless Portable Active PA Speaker System spend $100 get $5 reward Lion Face, Lemon Face: The past 24 hours in basketball <br> In the immediate moments after the Lakers win, Kobe Bryant joined the Inside the NBA crew (Shaq, Vince Cellini, Chris Webber, and Lisa Leslie) for an interview about the game and the final stretch run to his last season. Quote on laziness ecard: I'm not lazy! 

Someone just stole my

I'm the victim here! Ice Watch Unisex Taupe Rose Gold Ice  Style Watch   IS.TAR.U.S.13


    Pegged March 23, 2015

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