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      About: If you're looking for a custom name necklace, I promise here will be your best choice. We have been focused on custom name necklace for over 15 years. There is a variety of name necklaces to choose from. All of them are handmade and each one is unique and perfect. You surely can find a perfect custom necklace here.

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    1. muficnek muficnek:
         "Personalized sterling silver name necklace with name on it Regular price: $38.46"
    2. muficnek muficnek:
         "wire style name necklace with inlaid diamond made of sterling silver "
    3. muficnek muficnek:
         "custom made gold name necklace with gold wings and diamond Regular price: $38.46"
    4. muficnek muficnek:
         "White gold name plates necklace with wings and crown on pendant "
    5. muficnek muficnek:
         "Customized sterling silver cursive name plate necklace get your name on a necklace "
    6. muficnek muficnek:
         "Sterling silver with gold plating name necklace customized "
    7. muficnek muficnek:
         "Custom gold name necklace with hearts and double lines for couples and lovers Regular price: $38.46"
    8. muficnek muficnek:
         "14K gold nameplate custom pendant with swan and crown necklace "
    9. muficnek muficnek:
         "gothic style sterling silver name necklace custom made Regular price: $38.46"

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