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    1. louis louis:
         "I don't know if it's scripted. I actually watched an episode the other day where the gun they bartered for was worth 1/3 of what they thought. If it was fake, they would have known this in advance."
    2. louis louis:
         "Barack Obama Hates This Country. Rush Limbaugh"
    3. louis louis:
         "American Idol: Will Randy Jackson stay?"
    4. louis louis:
         "Nick Cannon -- 'American Idol' Can't Afford Mariah Carey! |"
    5. louis louis:
         "Emily Maynard's Bikini Body Is No Thanks to Exercise | The Stir"
    6. louis louis:
         "Comic-Con 2012: All the Celebrity Sightings! Some pictures of: True blood cast, playboy, anna paquin, stephen moyer, alexander skarsgard, vampire diaries, ian somerhalder, nina dobreb maxim party, paul wesley, torrey devitto, steven mcqueen, matt davis, anna kendrick, thomas jane, joe manganiello, kristen bauer van straten, game of thrones, the walking dead"
    7. louis louis:
         "Adrianne Curry's Sexy Comic-Con Cosplay - Also, wild costumes at comic-con 2012"
    8. louis louis:
         "Life is a journey we must keep walking ahead instead of looking back. those who have to be with you will make it on their own and its worth knowing at the end of your story who made it with you to your end"
    9. louis louis:
         "Look like a girl, act like a lady, thing like a man. work like a boss"
    10. louis louis:
         "baby you light up my world"

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