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    1. karenh karenh:
         "Flight MH17 passenger Gary Slok's last selfie posted moments before take-off "
    2. karenh karenh:
         "Kissing photo but one girl has no one. lol"
    3. karenh karenh:
         "Laser pointer on Russian goalkeeper igor akinfeev"
    4. karenh karenh:
         "Cool squid shaped table"
    5. karenh karenh:
         "Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life"
    6. karenh karenh:
         "Natalie Dormer and Diane Rigg look exactly alike"
    7. karenh karenh:
         "Cool vending machine lets you build your own 12 pack with different drinks"
    8. karenh karenh:
         "go ahead underestimate quote"
    9. karenh karenh:
         "Spraying beehives with a hose is actually not a good idea: this guy's eyes are so swollen you can't see his eyeballs"
    10. karenh karenh:
         "Do one thing every day that scares you"

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