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    1. janice janice:
         "How To Test Beauty Products Safely"
    2. janice janice:
         "Effective Tips to Get Rid of Cellulite"
    3. janice janice:
         "Tips for Exercising in Summer Heat "
    4. janice janice:
         "Spring/Summer 2012 Nail Trends"
    5. janice janice:
         "Kate Beckinsale On Women’s Health July/August 2012 Cover "
    6. janice janice:
         "Natural Skin Care Masks for Summer: facial mask recipes, revitalizing mask, soothing and exfoliating mask, deep moisturizing mask"
    7. janice janice:
         "Make your own beauty skin products and save or fix your skin"
    8. janice janice:
         "Homemade skin brightening toner"
    9. janice janice:
         "Make Your Own Coconut Milk recipe"
    10. janice janice:
         "Homemade & DIY Bath Salts To Use With A Hot Bath"

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