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    1. evan evan:
         "? weird site is there no one on it?"
    2. evan evan:
         "Phone number? Where you live?"
    3. evan evan:
         "I agree! Is that picture really you?! Damn.. Ill now vote for trump. Thought all girls dig Clinton? "
    4. evan evan:
         "Guess no images or links aloud. trying to post the picture. Its all good was just a joke."
    5. evan evan:
         "Guess Ill start this out, I hated all the superman movies, Christopher Reeves movies were so much better even with that shitty technology back then. Guess this director just sucks!"
    6. evan evan:
         "This movie shows the first 360-degree panorama in color of the Gale crater landing site taken by NASA's Curiosity rover. It was made from thumbnail versions of images taken by the 34-millimeter Mast Camera on Aug. 8, 2012."
    7. evan evan:
         "Gagster - Geekgasm geek entertainment room"
    8. evan evan:
         "we are all mature until somebody brings out some bubble wrap"
    9. evan evan:
         "Ways to tell people how you broke your hand by jennamarbles"
    10. evan evan:
         "We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents - bob ross "

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