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    1. dollin dollin:
         "My favorite childhood memory is not paying bills"
    2. dollin dollin:
         "I never liked you anyway shirt"
    3. dollin dollin:
         "People who poison your spirit and bring you drama: cancel your subscription to their issues."
    4. dollin dollin:
         "The Wizards Hat of Bandon, Oregon"
    5. dollin dollin:
         "angry cat doesnt want a hug"
    6. dollin dollin:
         "Seattle artist Peregrine Church used stencils to create a series of images and messages that only appear during the rain"
    7. dollin dollin:
         "valley burn high definition wallpaper"
    8. dollin dollin:
         "Johnson's baby nothing but tears shampoo. lol"
    9. dollin dollin:
         "Nobody really cares if you're miserable quotation"
    10. dollin dollin:
         "I am quote"

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