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      About: About and custom bobblehead dolls Looking for a one of a kind, customized, handcrafted, high quality gift for someone special in your life? Want to give an employee more than the traditional "Congrats on your promotion" coffee mug? Not satisfied with the traditional wedding cake toppers? Want to preserve a special memory in a fun and cherished keepsake forever? You've found what you're looking for! At Bobbleheadscustom, we handcraft a one of a kind bobble head based on your submitted photos from custom blended polymer clay, and sculpted to match your imagined image. We can work with images of individuals, couples, small groups, pets, and more. If you can imagine it we can make it! It is important for us to help you preserve those important moments in a cherished 3D bobblehead figurine keepsake. So each of our bobblehead figures are lovingly carved by hand. Choosing from a base body, on which the colors and small details can be changed, and sending us a detailed front facing and profile facing photo will help us create a detailed bead for your bobblehead.

      Location: Canada

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         "custom purple shirt bobbleheads"
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         "Personalized custom suit man bobblehead doll"
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         "Personalized custom work man bobble heads"
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         "custom Leisure man bobblehead doll"

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