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    1. a4a4 a4a4:
         "Real life Easter chicks. The dye comes off as the chick sheds its downy feathers."
    2. a4a4 a4a4:
         "If you're waiting for a sign, to get fit and in shape and skinny, this is it"
    3. a4a4 a4a4:
         "The DIY tool roll (makeup brush roll)"
    4. a4a4 a4a4:
         "You mean to tell me Dora can't hear me?"
    5. a4a4 a4a4:
         "A fetus that is four months old will become startled and turn away if a light is flash on the mother's stomach"
    6. a4a4 a4a4:
         "No no I'm still listening. That was just the stupidest fucking thing I have ever heard."
    7. a4a4 a4a4:
         "Warning: Crying won't help when Obamacare won't pay for your treatment"
    8. a4a4 a4a4:
         "January 20, 2013: The end of an error -- t-shirt blue"
    9. a4a4 a4a4:
         "Real bat signal in the clouds"
    10. a4a4 a4a4:
         "The national debt has grown $64,000 per taxpayer under Obama. What happens when the taxpayers run out of money?"

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