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    1. Misty Misty:
         "Cheating Tiger Woods is number one again. Nike ad"
    2. Misty Misty:
         "Keep calm it's only an extra chromosome "
    3. Misty Misty:
         "Steubenville rape case "
    4. Misty Misty:
         "Voice of Elmo Sued -- Allegations of Crystal Meth Sex Parties "
    5. Misty Misty:
         " ... seed ideas writing editing anchor chart writing editing checklist"
    6. Misty Misty:
         "Very cute"
    7. Misty Misty:
         "Looks like a vampire monster"
    8. Misty Misty:
         "I think I am having an epileptic seizure"
    9. Misty Misty:
         "In the car with your best friend when that song comes on.. lol"
    10. Misty Misty:
         "Truth ecard: Happy Mother's Day. I never asked to be born so don't be surprised that I expect pocket money from you, for the rest of your life. Here's some flowers."

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