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    1. Jenna Jenna:
         "I'm on a fitness kick. Anybody mentions fitness I kick 'em"
    2. Jenna Jenna:
         "Obama sign 'The Navy Seals removed one threat to America... It's up to the voters to remove the other'"
    3. Jenna Jenna:
         "The best is yet to come motivation"
    4. Jenna Jenna:
         "Repeat after me: I deserve new shoes!"
    5. Jenna Jenna:
         "The shadow knows veteran picture -- Even after life has worn them down. When they have fought their battles, both personal and for their countries, when they can no longer stand as tall, as they once did, they take with them their pride"
    6. Jenna Jenna:
         "Andy Griffith in heaven cartoon-- God says 'Of course heaven looks like Mayberry Andy... You were here all along"
    7. Jenna Jenna:
         "It's a beautiful day. Thank God for it and enjoy it -- Religious inspirational quote"
    8. Jenna Jenna:
         "High Speed Photos Orange"
    9. Jenna Jenna:
         "Poster: Official Obama 'Kill List': Jobs, Deficit Reduction, East European missile defense, keystone, nasa moon mission, traditional marriage, american prestige, atlantic offshore drilling, religious liberty, business investment, bipartisanship"
    10. Jenna Jenna:
         "President Obama Major Pain poster"

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