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      About: The Adam Kagan Foundation is a non-profit organization spreading the message of freedom from whatever addictions that are holding you back from realizing your true potential. You may not even realize that you have one. But if you're life isn't going exactly the way you want it to, there might be something you're missing. Our expert life coaches will help you figure out exactly what it is, how you got to that point, and how to stop it from running havoc in your life altogether, so you can start living the life you know you deserve. We'll give you the tools to overcome any obstacles that get in your way, and the confidence to help others on their journey. We pay it forward. Our mission is to provide an environment of pure wisdom, inspiration, and motivation to the heart. From one deep soul to another, we all have the power to change. Bringing love, peace, happiness, and understanding to the lost, lonely, and forgotten is a true passion of mine. And I'm so deeply blessed, everyday, with the feeling of gratitude, harmony and strength. Together, I know we can make a difference! So let's change the world!

      Location: Atlanta, GA

    1. AdamKaganFoundation AdamKaganFoundation:
         "Light and relaxing instrumental music by relaxdaily with wonderful forest scenes."
    2. AdamKaganFoundation AdamKaganFoundation:
         "Music in video : Digital Feelings by Vitalie Rotaru - 3 HOURS Best Romantic Relaxing music"
    3. AdamKaganFoundation AdamKaganFoundation:
         "We all have the same amount of drive in this world. WE write the script!! "
    4. AdamKaganFoundation AdamKaganFoundation:
    5. AdamKaganFoundation AdamKaganFoundation is now following Promotions.
    6. AdamKaganFoundation AdamKaganFoundation:
         "When your vision becomes your mission, your business will become a movement."
    7. AdamKaganFoundation AdamKaganFoundation:
         "Refuse to be confirmed by mediocrity surrounded by you. "
    8. AdamKaganFoundation AdamKaganFoundation:
         "Work as if someone is working 24 hours a day to take it all away from you!"
    9. AdamKaganFoundation AdamKaganFoundation:
         "Treat everyone with DIGNITY and RESPECT"
    10. AdamKaganFoundation AdamKaganFoundation:
         "New mission statement for my foundation."

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