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    Drinking ecard: I've learned to use
meditation and
relaxation to handle

Just kidding, I'm on
my third glass of
wine. Drinking ecard: Pretty women make us BUY beer.
Ugly women make us DRINK
beer. Drinking ecard: God invented whiskey to
keep the Irish from
ruling the world. Drinking ecard: I'm not really a social drinker.

I would say that my
drinking is work
related. Drinking ecard: 
OK, I feel better
now Drinking ecard: St. Patrick's day is
about more things
than just drinking.

I'm just too drunk to
remember what they
are. Drinking ecard: Why do they only make wine
in single serving bottles Drinking ecard: Im not an Alcoholic,Alcoholics go to Meetings.Im a Drunk I go toParties! Drinking ecard: I am going to start
cleaning my house. And
by cleaning, i mean
drinking beer and
spraying everything
with Febreze Drinking ecard: I gave up drinking, smoking
and sex. 

The worst 15 minutes of my

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are waiting to say that your first
victory was just luck.” Tony Perotti   Benevento 17 This Hour: Latest North Carolina sports <br> Carolina hopes that Friday's deal for the 6 foot, 208 pound Jones will help the Panthers' shaky coverage teams that allowed three touchdowns on punt returns last season and a TD in the preseason on a kickoff return. Entering his second season, Jones played    meme Graduation ecard: 
If you're feeling stressed
about finals, just
remember that corporate
America doesn't even
care if you graduate


    Pegged March 20, 2013

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