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    hippies use side entrance    sign After driving Atrinsic into the ground, screwing the investors & not paying the affiliates, the leadership team at Atrinsic is now the leadership team at Digital Net Agency.   These people are either dishonest or incompetent or both. 

They claim to have hundreds of success stories, yet the company is only a few days old.  

Buyers beware I would stay away from this company

If you stare at a word on a computer screen long enough, it always looks like it's spelled wrong Meany Avenue Guys versus girls after breakup Girl loses consciousness at gladiator TV show audition Microsoft word in the hood Funny Sign    warning

I have restless leg syndrome and may not be able to stop myself from kicking your ass I would have been here sooner but I was avoiding you I have sex with you a lot in my head

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    I wanna do boring things with you. ecard

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