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    Life's just not fair! Why is when your wife or girl friend gets pregnant, all her friends rub her belly but nobody rubs your did and says 'good job' Suspicious "Quotations" The Art of Trolling is very simple The Cone of Shame What should I do if I find an Atheist? A faithful Husband came home drunk Cat goes shopping with its kitten in the shopping cart Saudia Arabia Olympic Team sending two women to London.  Never sent females pressure from IOC Judo & track/field My face is up here Metal Chicks | Sorry honey, not tonight.  Raining blood.

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    What Is Eyebrow Threading? 1967 THE FLYING NUN PROMO SALLY FIELD Homemade Cool Mist Vaporizer Evolution of Home Video Game Consoles: 1967  2011 treadmill workout Fun Disney iPad Apps for Kids Office Desk Security Gadgets Official Haircut Thread Funny Harry Potter Jokes Herramientas para Scrapbooking Keep warm with a handmade Oreo blanket photo Wildlife Photographer Portfolio   Robert Visconti


    Pegged July 13, 2012

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    Doctor said only one beer per day but I outsmarted him and ordered just one

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