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    Weird Bathroom Sign At The Sochi Winter Olympics.  You are allowed to sit and expel waste. And that's about it. This is getting ridiculous: banana iphone case Just Like Dad Bubble Gum Cigarettes   I used to eat these when I was a kid.  Imagine that today You wanted to sleep allnight.  allow me to sing you the song of my people Beer official sponsor of alcoholic scuba diving cowboys Guide me to the room with the finest carpetso I can take a dump on it   funny dog meme Cosplay Done Right   Simpsons in real life Ben & Jerry's funny ice cream: knee appalling tan scrabble app says 'sorry, ok is not an acceptable word" Lady with weird eye brows is angry, happy, scared, confused and intrigued at the same time

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    Refashioned Mommy to Baby Drawstring Pants kindness card: now it's your chance to do the same you cannot do kindness too soon I call these The 70s chemistry set Clutter to Clean  Organizing the Bedroom Before and After Chicago Bears Italian Beef Recipe Dominika Cibulkova Hot Images/Photos 2012 Dark Chocolate Mental Math Addition Game Gracious Lavender Basket Dominika Cibulkova


    Pegged July 16, 2013

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