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    Elite Premium Refurbished Apple iPhone 4S AT&T White 8GB CLEARANCE   Refurbished iPhone 6 Space Gray T Mobile 16GB (MG542LL/A) (A1549) Elite Premium Refurbished iPhone 6S Plus Space Gray T Mobile 64GB CLEARANCE   Refurbished iPad Air WiFi Space Gray 16GB (MD785LL/A) Elite Premium Refurbished iPad Pro Rose Gold WiFi 256GB 9.7 Refurbished iPhone 6 Space Gray GSM Unlocked 64GB (MG4F2LL/A) (A1549) Elite Premium Refurbished iPad Pro Silver WiFi + Cellular 32GB 9.7 CLEARANCE   Refurbished iPhone 6s Space Gray GSM UNLOCKED 128GB Refurbished iPhone 6s Plus Silver GSM UNLOCKED 16GB Refurbished iPad Mini 4 Retina Wifi Gold 64GB (MK9J2LL/A)

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    Lexmark Number 32 & 33 Black & Colour Ink Cartridge Multipack (80D2951) Refurbished Hp 78 Tri color Ink Cartridge (C6578AN) GoProfessional Hard Case for DJI Phantom 3 Plus HTC Desire C 2in1 Phone Stand and Credit Card Holder, Black Don Bradman Cricket Very versatile connection opportunities:  The Zeiss prism housing has on both sides a female SC thread. So you can realize:     extremely short adaptation to SC telescopes: Screw the prism without its 2 barrels to the visual back of your telescope and lock it with the SC counter ring.     extremely short T2 adaptation: remove the 2 eyepiece holder and replace it by the adapater BA SCa   T2a. You save ca. 50mm lightpath and have an ultra short T2 connection.      Baader MaxBright 2 diagonal mirror  The Baader MaxBright 2 diagonal mirror is a high end accessory. It is very useful for high resolution telescopes if the user does not want to make any compromises concerning image definition and contrast.  The optical values:       Mirror surface precision equals 1/10 Lamda  Reflectivity: 98.5%  Dielectrical protective coatings (57 layers)       The mechanical values:       Stiff and very precise metal housing  Accessories are locked by two knurled screws and a brass clamping ring       Optical light path:       108mm Miniature Lamp, Trade Number 210, B6 Lamp Shape, Double Contact Bayonet (ba15d) Lamp Base, Primary Application Instrument, Voltage 6.5, 11.6 Amps/watts, Average Life 100 Hrs., Max. Overall Length 1.47 In., 15 Candle Power, Standards Meets 2012 Lighting Legislation Energy Standards Atx Crystals Receiver Crystal FM DC Ch65 w/Cap LG Optimus F3 LS720 Cell Phone Battery Charger, White Inspire 1 V2.0 All new Meade LX600 Telescopes  Now you can have the most advanced imaging platform available.  The Meade LX600 series telescopes feature StarLock for automatic alignment ultra precision pointing and assisted drift alignment.  The Meade LX600 telescopes are available with or without the all new X Wedge for equatorial mounting the telescope.  Now the LX600 telescopes feature an all new optical system featuring an oversized Low Expansion Borsilicate primary mirror Schott Borofloat glass corrector plate diffraction limited optics and an f/8 focal ratio.  And with the optional Meade LX600/800 focal reducer you can bring that down to f/5 for even faster imaging.  Meade LX600 features:       Advanced Coma Free Optics  StarLock dual imager and full time autoguider  GPS Receiver  Internal Crayford style focusing system with 7:1 focus control  OTA tube balance weight system  AutoStar II handbox with 145000 object library  Smart Drive with Permanent Periodic Error Corrrection (PPEC)  Patented Level North Technolgy (LNT)  Alignment System  8x50 Viewfinder  AutoStar Suite software  Free AutoStar upgrades from       Meade StarLock       High precision autoguiding down to one arcsecond  No need for separate guider or computer  Captures field stars down to 11th magnitude       Meade ACF Advanced Coma Free f/8 Optics       New faster f/8 Advanced Coma Free optics  Two Speed Crayford Style Focuser with 7:1 micro adjustment  Optional f/5 field flattener/focal reducer available Energy Recovery Ventilator, Blower Wheel Dia. (in.) 7, Cfm @ 0.125 in. Sp 660, Cfm @ 0.250 in. Sp 540, Cfm @ 0.375 in. Sp 520, Max. Inlet Temp. (deg. F) 122, Voltage 230, Motor Hp .6, Indoor Air Intake Height (in.) 8, Indoor Air Intake Width (in.) 12, Outdoor Air Intake Height (in.) 8, Outdoor Air Intake Width (in.) 12, Mounting Location Vertical Or Horizontal


    Pegged November 25, 2017

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