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    Introducing our SmartStar A N114 Newtonian telescope system. Designed with the latest technology the 114 mm mirror is crafted with aluminum coated mirrors and exacting alignment.  The precision design virtually eliminates chromatic aberration for a crisp image without a rainbow halo. Youll be able to view planets star clusters and nebulae up close. With the SmartStar A N114 youll also be able to take dramatic astro photographs. Two eye pieces come standard to allow for flexibility in viewing either a wider field or a single focused object.Dual Mount: Alt Azimuth & German Equatorial  The CubeThe SmartStar A N114 Newtonian reflector telescope comes with our patented Dual Mount: Alt Azimuth & German Equatorial a.k.a. The Cube. This compact mount design is probably the most functional and flexible unit on the market. Both axis motors are built into a small single unit which is universally compatible with all telescopes using a dove tail connection. The mount can be level for Alt Azimuth or locked into position for German Equatorial. In addition there are no dead spots  so you can point your telescope to ANYWHERE above the horizon whereas other mounts block the telescope tube at certain points of rotation. This mount also comes standard with AC connection. An optional DC adaptor is available so you can plug your telescope motor into your car if youre camping or at any remote location.The most easy to understand controller on the marketThe GoToNovaTM Controller is much easier to use than other similar products. The hand controller is more intuitive with menu categories better organized. It also has the largest LCD screen on the market with 8 lines of content compared with others that only have 2 lines. Using the easy to use hand controller you can easily set up your telescope and select where you want to go.More precise speed control for viewing objectsThe control system also allows you to If you know the Starlight Instruments Feather Touch focuser   then you dont need to read any explanation about it.  You already know.  In case you don't let us fill you in    Starlight Inistruments makes the worlds finest telescope focusers.  Some of the world's most elite telescope manufacturers would not use anything but the best and choose the Feather Touch Focuser for their stock focusers.  Many serious astrophotography enthusiasts that use telescopes without a Feather Touch Focuser will immediately change their focuser to a Feather Touch.     For achieving perfect focus you need a focuser that is smooth as can be.  With ultra fine detail adjustment.  Only the Starlight Instruments Feather Touch focusers can offer such perfection.     Specifications      Other Info DT Length: 2.95/74.93mm  Focuser Housing / Base 2.75/69.85mm OD NT flange  Draw Tube Travel 1.6/40.64mm  Racked In from Mounting Face 1.405/35.687mm  Racked Out from Mounting Face 3.005/76.327mm  Racked In Draw Tube Below Mounting Face 1.52/38.56mm  Diameter at Back Side (Eye Piece) of Draw Tube 52.020/51.31mm  Thread on Entry (OTA | FRONT) Side of Draw Tube Female 52x0.75mm (2.0 diameter)  Draw Tube Drive Mechanism Crayford Type Friction Drive  Draw Tube Drive Material Steel on Steel  Draw Tube Linear Bearing Style Dovetail Ball Bearing  Draw Tube Linear Bearing Material Steel on Steel  Reduction Unit Type 2.0 Inch Planetary Drive  Reduction Ratio 10.25:1 (Approximately)  Travel per Pinion Revolution 0.785/19.94mm  Lifting Capacity 8 10 lbs  Travel per Fine Focus Knob 0.077/1.960mm Meade LT 6 Telescope      The new LT 6 is a fully featured computer controlled 6 telescope that sets a new high performance standard for telescopes selling upder $1000.  Its legendary Meade optics along with precision worm gear drives sturdy die cast aluminum mount and robust steel tripod make this the ultimate platform for high resolution visual observing and imaging.  Simply put the Meade LT 6 is the ideal telescpe for any astronomer who demands superior optics mechanics and computer control in a compact high performance package.     Legendary Meade Optics  The heart of any telescope is its optics.  Meade Instruments offers you the finest 6 opticsperiod. Our advanced proprietary processes deliver the highest quality professional grade optics available.  For those who want more we offer your patented Advanced Coma Free ACF Optical System delivering distortion free sharp as tack resolution from edge to edge.  We invite comparison of our Advanced Coma Free system to Ritchey Chrtien systmes selling for thousands of dollars more.  Meade's ACF quality will astound you.     New AUDIOSTAR Computer Controller     Originally developed for the ground breaking series of Meade LS LightSwitch telescopes Astronomer Inside is built into the new AudioStar Handbox that is included with Meade's LX90 LT and LXD75 lines of telescopes. Now the intelligence integrated into these Meade telescopes provides the user with all the experience and astronomical knowledge that a professional astronomer could offer.     The incredible Astronomer Inside does all this:       Knows the sky so you don't have to.3  Controls the telescope to find and track any of over 30000 celestial objects automatically.       Takes you on a guided tour. Shows you the best objects in your sky from your location and time and then plays audio descriptions of those objects so you learn the details of what you are seeing.     Has over four hours of audio descriptions of astronomical The AZ Altazimuth Mount is for:This flash upgradable Celestron NexStar hand control is compatible with all Altazimuth mounted NexStars including SLT LCM SE and CPC series computerized telescopes.     The EQ Equatorial Mount is for:This flash upgradable Celestron NexStar hand control is compatible with all Equatorial mounted computerized telescopes including Advanced CGEM CGEM DX and CGE Pro series Freedom from Ghost images even when stacked.  Striae free substrates are polished parallel to 30 seconds of to avoid wedge errors.  Finest 7 layer  hard multicoatings on both faces feature 0.25% residual reflections (Baader filters are unique no other colored filter incorporates anti reflection multicoatings).  The coatings are also different for each of the filters in order to match the coating performance to the filter curve of each color.  This maximizes the transmission and minimizes reflections.     Extremely High Transmissions result in maximum contrast and isolation of planetary details even with smaller telescopes.  Efficiencies of the three longpass filters (Red Orange and Yellow) peaks at 98% and efficiencies of the three bandpass filters (Green Blue Dark Blue) achieve 70%.      Carefully designed spectral characteristics.  Filters may be stacked without image degradation or ghosting in order to provide even narrower passbands.  Or combine with any of the other Baader filters for interesting possibilities.     No reduction in sharpness even at high magnifications or when using the filter far ahead of the focal plane (ie digital imaging or in front of a diagonal or binoviewer). HOTECH 2 Inch or 1.25 Inch SCA Laser Collimator2 Celestron's deluxe tele extender is a high power photographic accessory for Schmidt Cassegrain telescopes. It's a hollow tube that allows you to attach a camera to your telescope with an eyepiece installed. By using the Deluxe Tele Extender in combination with an eyepiece you can increase your telescope's effective focal length to well over 10000mm! And with this comes a corresponding increase in image size.  It's a technique known as eyepiece projection photography and it multiplies magnification by the distance from eyepiece center to the film plane according to the following formula: Effective Focal Length = Telescope focal length ? Eyepiece focal length X DF (distance to film).  The deluxe tele extender is used for high power lunar solar and planetary photography as well as for extreme terrestrial photography. To employ the tele extender remove the diagonal from your telescope and insert an eyepiece directly into the visual back. Place the Tele Extender over both the eyepiece and the visual back and attach your 35mm SLR camera to the back of the tele extender using a T ring. That puts you in business for fine highly magnified astrophotography!  Note: The image you'll see through your camera's viewfinder will be upside down. And because of the extremely high magnifying effect afforded by the deluxe tele extended you'll want to take extra care to prevent camera and telescope vibration. Accurate polar alignment and using only under good seeing conditions will also help you capture high quality images.  The deluxe tele extender is only for Schmidt Cassegrain telescopes! Explore Scientific AR102 f/6.5 Air Spaced Doublet Achromat Refractor      The classic air spaced crown and flint doublet achromatic refractor is reborn with the aim to produce superior class optical figure in a short (f/6.5) focal length design with Explore Scientific Air Spaced Doublet AR Series. These optics are an extreme value produce stunning images of deep sky objects double stars planets and the moon that are a small fraction of the price of comparable aperture apochromat refractors. Finally one can own a diffraction limited high quality refractor for a relatively modest investment.     Designed to handle the rigors of public star parties and educational outreach the Explore Scientific AR Series has standard hardware which includes a precision 10:1 two speed focuser a 2 inch diagonal and 8x50 finder scope. You can be confident that the quality and construction of these telescopes will allow heavy use for many years and are backed with a transferrable Five Year USA Limited Warranty.     It's All About the Optics!      The optics in their collimatable lens cell are fully multi coated to eliminate light scatter and maintain image contrast. We precision collimate every Explore Scientific telescope at our factory to give optimum performance. Although you may never need to adjust optical alignment the AR Series allows for collimating the lens set should the telescope ever require it.     Contrast is further enhanced with multiple baffles that mask and deflect unwanted stray light.     Deluxe 10:1 Two Speed Focuser      The Explore Scientific Air Spaced Doublet AR Series telescopes include a precision 2 inch ten to one two speed as standard equipment. The eyepiece holder uses a compression ring to prevent the eyepiece or camera barrel from scoring.  On those prestine nights of steady seeing Saturn's Rings can forever affect the hearts and minds of almost anyone who lays eyes on them. It's nights like these that astronomers like to set up their refractors and push th LARGE APERTURE MANUAL TELESCOPES   Because the earth rotates once on its axis every 24 hours celestial objects move rapidly through the telescopic field particularly at higher powers. The equatorial mount of the Meade 114EQ AR greatly facilitates object tracking simply by manually turning one or both of the control cables.The large 114mm diameter mirror of this model gathers 361% more light than 60mm telescopes. Fainter more distant objects can be seen in far greater detail. The beginning amateur who intends to use a manual telescope on a regular basis will find the equatorial mount to be a valuable investment.Features:114mm Aperture (4.5 Baader Planetarium has a high quality solution for users of 2 inch eyepieces and accessories. The T2 17 2 inch Deluxe Clamping Eyepiece Holder incorporates dual oversized stainless thumbscrews plus a captive spring bronze clamp ring to protect your eyepiece and accessory barrels from damage. The inclusion of two clamp screws results in a superior 3 point attachment that completely constrains your equipment from wobble particularly important for imaging applications (all typical single clamp screw adapters still allow some motion). Also for those users that are physically unable to firmly grasp and tighten lock screws the addition of a second screw doubles the locking force (ie particularly nice for those unable to grip tightly due to arthritis). The holder is precisely machined to fit your eyepieces with a minimum of slop resulting in a close accurate fit that keeps your eyepiece properly centered on the optical axis. For attachment the holder is provided with an internal 2 inch thread the same thread used on the back plates of all SCT telescopes. This permits the holder to be directly threaded onto SCTs delivering the widest views possible.

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    16937 Flex Design Tablet topview.tif Recessed Lighting Trim, Open, Fits 6 In. Housing, For Use With 10f245, Br30,r30,par30 Lamp Type, White Housing Finish, Metal Housing Material Motor Starter, Nema, Non Reversing, Nema Size 00, Nema Enclosure Type 4x, Coil Volts 480, 60 Hz, Number Of Poles 3, 9 Amps Ac, Aux. Contact Configuration 1no, 1/3 Hp @ 1 Phase   120v, 1 Hp @ 1 Phase   230v, 1 1/2 Hp @ 3 Phase   208v, 1 1/2 Hp @ 3 Phase   230v, 2 Hp @ 3 Phase   460v, 3 Hp @ 3 Phase   575v, Height (in.) 13.31, Width (in.) 9.84, Depth (in.) 6.70, Standards Ul/ Csa, Includes Solid State Overload Relay FATSHARK 600TVL FPV TUNED CMOS CAMERA Brinno Wall Mount for Time Lapse Cameras  73 Numbers design on iPhone 4s 4 Slider Case by Coveroo in Black Spark Resistant Blower, Belt Drive, Backward Incline, With Drive Package, Wheel Dia 13 1/2 In, Cfm @ 0250 in Sp 2176, @ 0500 in Sp 2056, Sones @ 0750 in Sp @ 5 Ft 127, Voltage 230/460, 60 Hz, 3 Phase, Full Load Amps 20/10, Motor Hp 1/2, Bearing Type Ball, Housing Height 27 1/4 In, Housing Width 29 3/8 In, Housing Depth 25 1/2 In, Inlet Dia 14 In, Discharge Height 27 1/4 In, Discharge Width 10 5/8 In, Includes Weatherproof Drive Cover Emergency Lighting Unit, 12 Lamp Watts, Number Of Lamps 2, Yes, 120/277 Input Voltage, Incandescent Lamp Type, Lead Calcium Battery (4pg82 Sold Separately), 12 Output Volts (dc), Push Button, Ready/charge Lamp Status Indicator, Tan Housing Finish, 18 gauge Steel Housing Material, Mounting Pole/coumn/wall/i beam/unistrut, Standards Ul Listed Meets Ul 924, Nfpa 101, Nec And Osha Illumination Standards, Optional Guard 4pg68 Miniature Lamp, Trade Number 1591, S8 Lamp Shape, Single Contact Bayonet (ba15s) Lamp Base, Primary Application Automotive, 13, Voltage 28, 17 Amps/watts, Average Life 1000 Hrs., Max. Overall Length 2 In., 15 Candle Power, Standards Meets 2012 Lighting Legislation Energy Standards LG Optimus Logic L35G Cell Phone Battery Charger, White Miniature Lamp, Trade Number 862, T3 1/4 Lamp Shape, Right Angle Prefocus (pgj13) Lamp Base, Primary Application Automotive, Voltage 12.8, 37.5 Amps/watts, Average Life 1900 Hrs., Max. Overall Length 2.68 In., 60 Candle Power, Standards Meets 2012 Lighting Legislation Energy Standards Miniature Lamp, Trade Number 2057, S8 Lamp Shape, Double Contact Index (ba15d) Lamp Base, Primary Application Auto, Voltage 12.8, 27/8 Amps/watts, Average Life 2400/10,000 Hrs., Max. Overall Length 2 In., Long Life, Standards Meets 2012 Lighting Legislation Energy Standards


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