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    Quote on haters ecard: Don't fear the enemy who attacks you
but the fake friend that
hugs you. Quote on haters ecard: When people you don't even
know hate on you, then
you know you're
the shit. Quote on haters ecard: 
I hope Karma slaps you in
the face before I do. Quote on haters ecard: Quit your bitching and do something. Quote on haters ecard: Women are not
moody.  We just have
certain days when we
are less likely to put
up with your shit Quote on haters ecard: It isn't that I'm not a
people person.

I'm just not a stupid
people person. Quote on haters ecard: Dear FB Quote on haters ecard: Congratulations: I've been
on the phone with you
for only 10 seconds and
already you've annoyed
me 3 times. Quote on haters ecard: 
I hate you so much that
sometimes I watch CSI
just to get tips on how
to kill you and get
away with it. Quote on haters ecard: 
You can't always
control who comes
into your life.
But, you can control
which window you 
throw them out of.

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    Quote on haters ecard: I'm tired of:
Fake people, fake
smiles, fake hugs, fake
friends, false

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