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    Humor ecard: Girls fall in love with what they hear.
Boys fall in love with
what they see. That’s
why girls wear make
up and boys lie. Quote on humor ecard: Women on the same
menstrual cycle as their
friends should really be
considered gang members.

That's how dangerous
they are! Quote on humor ecard: My mom once told
me: Quote on humor ecard: Why don't you use Quote on humor ecard: 
If I swallow magnets,
will I become more
attractive? Quote on humor ecard: When the best restaurant in
town is attached to a gas
station   you probably
live in the south. Humor ecard: Never give up on your dreams

So keep sleeping! Quote on humor ecard: Zombies:

(n) The only men who
will love you for your
brains. Quote on humor ecard: Instead of 'John', I call
my bathroom 'Jim'.  It
simply sounds better
when I say I'm going to
the Jim Quote on humor ecard: I really live a perfect life, but
that crap is so dull, I've
decided to mess it all up
and make it fun again.

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kids is fun. Until you realize
that there are five
year olds who are 
better at crafting
than you are.



    Pegged April 4, 2013

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